Purchase croissants and bacon epi at Viron, famous for the best bucket in Japan [Thoughts].

Bacon epi from Viron
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I saw a bakery called Viron featured on TV the other day.

It seems to be a very popular bakery.

That made me crave the bread there so fiercely that I immediately went to Viron in Marunouchi, Tokyo.

What kind of bakery is Viron?

Viron is made with flour imported from FranceFamous for the best bucket in JapanIt is a brannery.

Currently, there are only two stores in Japan, one in Shibuya and the other in Tokyo. It is a much talked-about store that has received rave reviews from customers.

Bucket has been featured on TV many times, and is a popular restaurant with a steady stream of customers.

I went there after watching TV too lol.

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I went to VIRON in Marunouchi.

This time I went to the store in Tokyo Station (Marunouchi side).

Despite the rain, customers kept coming in, and I was a little surprised to see such a popular restaurant. I was a little surprised.

I went on a weekday, but the front of the showcase was immediately filled with customers. (Maybe because it was right after it was featured on TV? ^^^^^^^^)

The system is to order from a selection of breads displayed in the showcase, while verbally telling the waiter what you want.

But I almost bit myself when I saw all the katakana names that seemed a bit too posh lol.

And! I chose the croissant and the bacon epi.

I missed buying a bucket... lol.

Then I thought for a minute, those VIRON pans are huge!

I don't remember the name of the bread, but there was a huge leaf-shaped bread that was as big as a medium-sized pizza. (It was about the size of a medium-sized pizza.)


Maybe it's because I brought it home in a crowded train, but it fell apart!!!! Sweat Shook!

VIRON croissants

I re-toasted it at home, but I accidentally burned it.

Tastes like yuck!

The buttery flavor spreads softly, and it is crispy and delicious.

VIRON croissants

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bacon epi

Bacon epi from Viron

I sometimes have an irresistible craving for bacon pies.

This is a huge bacon epicurean and chunky again.

Maybe it was the dough used for the bucket?

As expected, I couldn't eat a whole one, so I tore off two pieces and toasted this one as well.

Bacon epi from Viron

The bread looks hard, but when it is toasted, it is quite good.Soft and chewyI'm trying to!

The bacon adds a delicious aroma to the dish.

Crispy on the outsideand fragrant.

Ohhhh... how did I forget to buy a bucket ・・・・・○| ̄|_


The bread from VIRON was as good as the reviews say!

Seems like there's still a lot of good bread out there (there definitely is), and next time I'm going to get a bucket! LOL!

I plan to buy more regularly in the future.

>> Check out "VIRON" on the food log.


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