Take out Amanoya's "Egg Sandwich"! How long does it last and is it likely to be sold out? I'll tell you what I think!

Egg sandwich purchased at Amanoya
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I just bought an egg sandwich from the celebrity purveyor "Amanoya" at their take-out specialty store in Ikebukuro~!

As the reviews say, the texture and flavor of the egg is irresistible!

I'd like to report on the day's length, crowds, etc. ^^^.

Popular egg sandwiches at Amanoya, a celebrity purveyor

Wrapping paper for an egg sandwich purchased at Amanoya

The main Amanoya restaurant is located in Azabu.

Founded in 1932, this sweet and okonomiyaki restaurant has been listed in the Michelin Guide 2015.

Amanoya's egg sandwiches became so delicious that they became the talk of the town, and are now so popular that they are called "celebrity souvenirs.

I also learned about it from a celebrity on TV who introduced it as a souvenir.

The egg sandwiches with dashimaki tamago in between have a completely different texture and flavor than the egg sandwiches of the past, and that's what got people talking.

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Go to Seibu Ikebukuro to purchase Amanoya's egg sandwich.

Amanoya is located in Ikebukuro.take-out specialistThere is a

I often go to Ikebukuro, so I went there with great enthusiasm. I went to Ikebukuro with great enthusiasm, but the store was smaller than I expected and it took me a little time to find it.

I probably passed right in front of the store twice without noticing it lol.

And with the help of a guide map and posters, we managed to get there.

If you are in doubt, you should ask the information desk right away.

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How crowded was it? Wasn't it sold out?

I went there on a weekday after noon.

There wasn't a line and I was able to buy it right away.

There was a much larger selection than expected, with both 12-packs and 6-packs in stock.

I purchased 6 egg sandwiches (half size)

I purchased a half-size one for 721 yen (tax included).

Half-sandwich egg sandwich purchased at Amanoya

It is quite small.

Egg sandwiches purchased at Amanoya are small

One was roughly the size of a piece that could be eaten in about two bites.

Taste of Egg Sandwiches purchased at Amanoya

Amanoya's egg sandwiches have a fresh texture

The moment I ate Amanoya's egg sandwich, I thought, "The texture of the fried egg is so novel...!"

I thought.

I had only had egg salad sandwiches, so it was just new to me. To this texture.

This kind of sandwich is also available.

Amanoya's egg sandwiches are uniquely seasoned

Then I thought the seasoning was unique.

The mustard mayo accentuates the taste and is quite tangy, so it may not be to everyone's liking.

I like the taste so much that I finished it in an instant with a crunch lol.

The taste of dashi and mustard mayo go well together.

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How long do egg sandwiches last?

Eggs are used, but from is within the same day.

If you are buying it as a souvenir, you should go to the store on the same day you give it.


I had an egg sandwich from Amanoya for the first time and I thought it was very tasty and I wanted to give it to my friend as a souvenir ^^^.

I thought it was only because it is called the celebrity's purveyor.

Amanoya has other take-out stores besides Ikebukuro, so please check them out!

>> Check out Amanoya's restaurant on the food log.


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