Tokyo GREEN is the most recommended menu item at HONEY'S BAR! It is a quick and convenient way to nourish your veggies!

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Honey's Bar, a juice bar often seen at train stations

I also use it from time to time.

I'm so thirsty! I usually stop by when I pass by the store when I'm thirsty!

I am grateful to be able to have a quick drink of profound fruits and vegetables, which is a shame about my diet, lol.

I have had a variety of drinks from the menu, but I highly recommend Tokyo Green.

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Tokyo GREEN flavor of HONEY'S BAR is good.

Here is that Tokyo GREEN (Green).


Green!It looks very good for you. You have a lumpy one in there.

The ingredients are molokheiya and pineapple.

I remember that Honey's Bar used to have paper cups...when I went there recently, they changed to clear cups.

Reason for recommendation (1)

(Personal opinion)

The reason why I recommend Tokyo GREEN is not only because it tastes good, but also because it contains vegetables such as molokheiya, which makes it easy to drink.

Looks like it's packed with veggies! It looks like green juice! but when you drink it, it is sweet like a fruit juice. (Pineapple sweetness)

But it also tastes like vegetables.

I think this is a taste that cannot be expressed commercially.

The flavor you feel because it was mixed on the spot with a juicer, and the airy, fluffy texture. Everything is combined to create a delicious taste.

Personally, I didn't find it peculiar at all. Oh, but maybe a little tongue tingling?

(But I don't know how people who don't like vegetables would feel if they drank it...I'm a vegetable lover by nature, so maybe that makes it taste even better.)

Reason #2 for recommendation.

I am busy with work and my diet tends to be unbalanced. I want to take vegetables as much as possible.

I don't know to what extent juice can supply nutrition to the body, but in my case, I drink Tokyo GREEN not just because it tastes good, but because I feel like I can also get the nutritional value of vegetables.

One option is to buy vegetables and make a smoothie and drink it every morning at home, but I never manage to do that.

So I think it's a plus for our diet to be able to get a quick supply of vegetables outside at a place like Honey's Bar.

Maybe it's a micro power, but I thought it was better than drinking other juices.

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Reason for recommendation (iii)

One cup is very low in calories

  • Tokyo GREEN S size 5 1 calorie
  • Tokyo GREEN R Size 7 5 calories
  • Tokyo GREEN L size 9 0 calories

Referenced from the official website

A strong ally of dieters. It is low in calories, so you can drink it with peace of mind.



Recently, I have been drinking only Tokyo Green.

I wish more green juices would be added to the menu.

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