Take out an egg-ham sandwich at Sylvia Coffee Shinbashi Ginza! The thick egg is very satisfying!

Take out egg ham sandwich at Sylvia Coffee Shinbashi Ginza
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I have recently become addicted to thick egg sandwiches.

After discovering Amanoya's egg sandwiches, I discovered the appeal of sandwiches that are not made with egg salad, lol.

I went to Sylvia Coffee, famous for their thick, fluffy egg sandwiches, and got takeout!

What kind of store is Sylvia Coffee?

Sylvia Coffee Shinbashi Ginza

Sylvia Coffee is a coffee chain based in Nagoya, Japan.

In terms of atmosphere, it's like a Komeda Coffee (p.s.).

The store has a retro atmosphere and offers a menu of specialty coffees, sandwiches, and sweets.

One of the hottest items on Sylvia Coffee's menu is the egg ham sandwich.

It's thick with eggs, and it's downright photogenic!

There were many photos posted on the food log.

The reason I decided to go to Sylvia Coffee this time was because I was attracted by this egg sandwich.

Check out Shirubia Coffee (Silvia Coffee) on the food log.

A menu full of specialty and original sandwiches

Sylvia Coffee Shinbashi Ginza Menu

Sylvia Coffee offers a wide variety of menu items made with bread, including the most popular sandwiches such as the Sangen Pork Cutlet Sandwich, Karbo Toast, and Egg and Ham Sandwich.

Carbo toast is bread, but it comes out looking like pasta, so it's a true insta-lover's dream...!

I didn't order it this time, but the fusion of bread and carbonara ... absolutely delicious!

Sylvia Coffee Shinbashi Ginza Menu

Sweety bread looks good too...!

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The Shinbashi store had a separate smoking area inside.

This must be a blessing for smokers ...!

And of course, for non-smokers.

I liked the fact that the room was glass-walled and well separated from the smoking area - it was a good thing.

Meetings, etc.

Order Brazil

While we ordered takeout, we ordered straight Brazilian coffee in the store.

Sylvia Coffee Shinbashi Ginza Menu

They grind and brew to order.

Coffee ordered at Sylvia Coffee Shinbashi Ginza

It's freshly ground coffee, so it tastes good. It was easy to drink.

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Take out an egg ham sandwich at Sylvia Coffee

I just bought an egg sandwich from Sylvia Coffee, where you can get takeout! Here it is!

Take out egg ham sandwich at Sylvia Coffee Shinbashi Ginza

You thick egg!

Take out egg ham sandwich at Sylvia Coffee Shinbashi Ginza

It is fluffy, but because it is egg, it is very satisfying.

The egg itself had no taste, and the ham and mayonnaise around it? The ham and mayonnaise around it were salty.

I was quite hungry even though it was a sandwich.

After all, a sandwich with an omelette in it is delicious.

Bread ear service if the timing is right.

I did not encounter that timing, but according to reviews, you can get bread ears if the timing is right. Sometimes they are placed next to the cash register.

When I was eating my take-out egg and ham sandwich, I thought that even the bread was delicious, so I was very happy to get the bread crusts. I don't know if it depends on the store.

Store Information

Address: G10 Bldg. 3F, 1-4-5 Shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Phone: 03-6228-5888
Access: 2-3 minutes walk from JR Shimbashi Station, Tokyo Metro Shimbashi Station, or Toei Asakusa Line Shimbashi Station.
Hours of operation: 7:00 - 23:00
Morning 7:00-11:00

Check out Shirubia Coffee (Silvia Coffee) on the food log.


Silvia Coffee is still unfamiliar to us in the Kanto region, but the atmosphere was somewhat like that of Hoshino Coffee Shop or Komeda Coffee.

The food menu also included many other delicious-looking items, such as three-way pork and carbonara toast.

A little light on sandwiches! This is a good place to go when you want to have a light sandwich!


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