[My Thoughts] Take out the Soup Stock Hokkaido Frozen Pumpkin Soup! It was thick with the sweetness of the ingredients.

Soup Stock's Frozen Soup "Hokkaido Pumpkin Soup"
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Soup stock soups are delicious.

I used to go there a little bit for a while, but recently I felt like drinking again, so I went to the store and took out some frozen soup~~~!

I bought some Hokkaido pumpkin soup and would like to report on the taste.
Soup Stock Tokyo

Soup Stock's Frozen Soup "Hokkaido Pumpkin Soup"

Soup Stock's Frozen Soup "Hokkaido Pumpkin Soup"

Back side of Soup Stock's frozen soup "Hokkaido Pumpkin Soup

Soup Stock Tokyo stores have a cold case where you can find a variety of frozen soups to take out.

I picked out a bowl of Wasawa Soup and decided on this brightly colored Hokkaido pumpkin soup.

I later learned that at Soup Stock TokyoLobster bisque, corn and sweet potato soup, and Tokyo borscht are three popular dishes.I heard that.

By the way, the calories in the Hokkaido pumpkin soup are149 calories per 180g bagI thought it was reasonable. Well, I thought it was reasonable calories.

Calories in Soup Stock's Frozen Soup "Hokkaido Pumpkin Soup".

180g is roughly the amount of a cup. I think this was about 500 yen per bag.

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Thoughts on Soup Stock's Frozen Soup "Hokkaido Kabocha Soup".

Heat in a pot of boiling water for 3-4 minutes to defrost.

And here is the result.

Soup Stock's frozen soup "Hokkaido Pumpkin Soup" was completed.

It's a little blurry, but it's really colorful and intense.

And is it a little tender?

I ate it with bread instead of rice because I was sure it would have the sweetness of pumpkin.

Soup Stock's frozen soup "Hokkaido Pumpkin Soup" with bread.

Hahhhh...the soup had a slight sweetness from the pumpkin and was rich and full of flavor.

The bread has been sipped.

By the way, there is no garnish.

If you want to make this thicker, it would be delicious mixed with soy milk.


Hokkaido pumpkin soup, delicious and made the bread go down a treat lol.

I found many other tasty soups, so I will try again next time.

Soup Stock Tokyo