Cheap~! I went to the bakery "Milk Roll" in Shin Nakano and bought a lot ...

Milk Rolls in Shin Nakano
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Super cheap, but delicious with the right ingredients! The popular bakery "Milk Rolls

I went there the other day and bought a lot of things at a very low price, just as the word of mouth says.......

It's a very popular restaurant so loved by the locals that people line up every day.

In this issue, I will introduce the charm of this much talked-about, super-cheap, "geki-uma" bakery.

(Prices are as of the time of the visit / 2019)

I went to the very cheap bakery Milk Roll in Shin Nakano... ♪

Milk Rolls in Shin Nakano

Milk Roll is a small bakery located at Shin Nakano Station.

Super cheap, yet delicious! It is a popular restaurant with a long line of customers.

This time I went during the daytime on a weekday.

When I got there, there were even a few customers outside the store...

Anyway, the bread is cheap but tasty!

Milk Rolls in Shin Nakano

After all, this place is cheap!

Like $30, $40, $50...!!!!

Tsubuan bread at Milk Roll in Shin Nakano

Almost always around $50!

I wonder how much you can get for one coin: ・・・・(;)

I didn't intend to buy that much at all, but I ended up buying so much...

Breads purchased at Milk Roll in Shin Nakano

Coppe Pan, Miruku Roll, Cream Cheese, Dried Fruit, Chestnut, Melon Pan

total of six

Only 300 yen for such a purchase~!

What? It's so cheap? I was almost afraid to ask again.

Even if you complete all the bread in the store, it probably won't cost you more than 1,000 yen. It is so inexpensive.

Bread was laid out on the side.

Bread on display at Milk Roll in Shin Nakano

This bread also seems to be very popular, and many customers in line in front of me were buying it.

Also, jams and creams were sold.

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Inexpensive, yet filling and substantial.

Bread purchased at Milk Roll in Shin Nakano

You know how some stores are stingy with ingredients in cheap bread?

I understand how you feel...

But.The mille crawl has the right ingredients!And that's why they love it.

The size of the bread itself is not that big, but the bean-jam bun is.filled to the brim with bean jamand the cream buns arePlenty of cream.

I'm so happy to see this, and I wish you the best of luck.

I bought some cream cheese ↓ overcooked and burnt, but plenty of cream!

New Nakano's Milk Roll Cream Cheese


I also got the impression that the people in the store seemed to be very friendly.

How crowded is the milk roll?

Queue for milk rolls in Shin Nakano

It's a much-loved bakery, so there is quite a line.

But!!! There were only three or four groups in line during the weekday afternoon time I went, and my turn came sooner than I expected.

I didn't have that "I lined up..." feeling (*sigh*).

If you can go, though, it's always better to go on a weekday.

But if it was this cheap, I personally thought I could wait in line for a good 30 minutes to an hour, even if I had to wait in line lol.

The moment I saw the amount on that price tag, I was so moved... lol.

There is a daily brett.

In addition to the standard breads, Milk Roll also offers a daily bread special.

Daily Brett at Milk Roll in Shin Nakano

I was there on a Wednesday, so you had cranberry and crumbled cheese.

*This may be subject to change, so please check at the store for the latest information.

Milk Roll Store Information

TEL: 03-3381-5541
Address: 4-37-25 Honcho, Nakano-ku, Tokyo

Access: 5-minute walk from Shin-Nakano Station on the Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line (through a shopping street? You can get there through a street like a shopping street.)
Business hours: 11:00-19:00

*Please confirm the latest opening hours and days at the store.


This is the milch roll that is so inexpensive and so delicious.

No wonder there's a line out the door for this one! I thought.

I think you will be impressed by the seriously low price, so you won't lose anything (*sigh*).

Oh.... I hope they add more stores...nah lol


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