Crunchy texture! Pretzel croissant at City Bakery Nakameguro. The texture is amazing!

Pretzel Croissant at City Bakery Nakameguro
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I just visited City Bakery in Nakameguro the other day!

I bought the No. 1 most popular pretzel as well as the huge No. 1 deli bread.

A little expensive, but delicious... ♪

So I would like to review it ^^^.

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Who is City Bakery?

City Bakery is a long-established bakery that has been a favorite in New York City for over 20 years.

The company opened its first store in Japan in 2013, with locations in Osaka, Shinagawa, Hiroo, Ginza, and Nakameguro.

It is highly rated on gourmet websites, especially for its sweet and savory pretzel croissants.â

I went to City Bakery Nakameguro.

City Bakery Nakameguro

So I went to the Nakameguro store!

City Bakery Nakameguro Bread

Beautiful breads are lined up in the store.

Breads displayed at City Bakery Nakameguro

Focaccia at City Bakery Nakameguro

This focaccia looks so delicious,...

Breads displayed at City Bakery Nakameguro

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What I bought City Bakery

City Bakery Nakameguro Bread

The first thing I bought was a croissant.

New York's No. 1 Pretzel Croissant

Pretzel Croissant at City Bakery Nakameguro

Here it is!

Pretzel Croissant at City Bakery Nakameguro

This form!

I've had many croissants in my life, but never like this!

I'm doing the twist lol.

The taste is as described on the card, salty.

I did not find it very sweet.

But I like the crispiness!

When you bite into it, you can hear a crispy sound. I have never had such a crispy croissant.

You mean the pretzel feeling?

It was delicious ^^^.

Fougasse, the No. 1 popular deli bread

City Bakery Nakameguro Fugus

He also bought a pan called Fugus, which is larger than this palm-sized pan.

It's a giant loaf of bread that looks like a pair of sandals!

Is it bread? LOL!

No, it's more of a crunchy or zesty pastry that tastes more like cheese than bread?

It cracks when you pinch it with your hand.

It has a nice cheese flavor and would make a nice little snack, lol.

The texture was good here too... ♪

City Bakery Nakameguro Store Information

Address/3-4-15, Kamimeguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Access/3 steps from the south ticket gate of Nakameguro Station
Business hours/7:30-23:00 Open Sundays


The croissant was the top and crispiest croissant I have ever had in the history of croissants.

I would love for you to experience this lol.

I guess a salty croissant is delicious...

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