frozen food

frozen foodfrozen food
frozen food

Review] Royho's frozen food "Royal Deli" Gapao at the store. Food report on price and taste.

After taking out Java Curry from Royal Host, I was totally hooked and bought Royal Deli (frozen food). I bought the Gapao as it was sold in the store. I was surprised at how good the sauce was.
frozen food

My impression of Seijo Ishii's frozen pizza for 399 yen (431 yen including tax). Juicy on the gas grill & grill pan|Cosy!

I went to Seijo Ishii and bought some Seijo Ishii wood-fired pizza (frozen pizza) that looked so good! Seijo Ishii has three types of this wood-fired stone oven pizza, but this time I bought ORTOLANA 3 kinds of Italian vegetables and MA...
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I have been looking for a way to make smoothies with frozen fruit. Blueberries and raspberries are highly recommended.

I go to business supermarkets on a regular basis, and I have to say... they are cheap and fun! I am always thrilled to browse through the items. I am always excited to browse through the items, although I can't buy a lot at once because many of the items are very large. This time, I am buying a lot at the supermarket...
frozen food

[My Thoughts] Take out the Soup Stock Hokkaido Frozen Pumpkin Soup! It was thick with the sweetness of the ingredients.

Soup stock soups are delicious, aren't they? I used to go there a little bit for a while, but recently I felt like drinking it again, so I went to the store and took out some frozen soup~~~! I bought some Hokkaido pumpkin soup and would like to report on the taste. ...
frozen food

A dutiful review of food items bought at Ikea. Mashed potatoes and meatballs are a must buy.

I'd like to review some of my favorite IKEA purchases! Mainly food. It's cheap, but it's good. IKEA is famous for meatballs, mashed potatoes, and lots of unusual foods. This time, I got something I was curious about, so I feel...