Snacks, sweets and ices

Impression] YUHEIM's baumkuchen is delicious after all. The ingredients are simple and tasteless, and I recommend it as a small gift.

Speaking of baumkuchen, [Euheim] !!!! It is a very famous brand born in Germany. Recently, many kinds of baumkuchen have been talked about, but I personally think that the original baumkuchen is Youheim....
Snacks, sweets and ices

Review] I ordered Gifu Yoshiya Baumkuchen. Very moist texture, no need for a drink.

I ordered a baumkuchen from the famous "Yoshiya" in Gifu! It was moist and very tasty, just as the reviews say! I would like to review the set I ordered, about "Yoshiya", etc. ^^ I would like to review the Gifu baumkuchen...