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Blog] Tasted "Kobe Vanilla Fromage" which exceeded 1.6 million sales. Introducing size, calories, and taste impressions [Gift idea].

Total sales exceeded 1.6 million! I tried the vanilla fromage of It's a cheesecake that was featured on TV and became the talk of the town! As it turns out, the cake was just as rich and delicious as it looked on the website....
Snacks, sweets and ices

Mother's Day Gifts! I ordered the fromage & flowers set from Lutao [purchase review].

Lutao is popular for its doble fromage, and during the Mother's Day season, they come out with a Mother's Day Gift. This time, I actually ordered their Mother's Day Gift, so I would like to review it and introduce Lutao's Mother's Day Gift. Mother's Day Gifts for...
Snacks, sweets and ices

I tried it! Paris-Brest and Raspberry Chocolat are so elegant and delicious!

Henri Charpentier is famous for its delicious cakes, and I bought the seasonal "Framboise Chocolat" and "Paris-Brest with Strawberry and Pistachio"! Henri Charpentier is often introduced on TV.
Snacks, sweets and ices

Review] Enjoy the excellent tarts at KIRPHEBON Aoyama. They have black and white strawberry tarts!

I was at the Kilfebbon Aoyama store the other day! The tart was too beautiful looking and exquisitely sweet. It was no wonder there was a line of people waiting in line to try it.
Snacks, sweets and ices

[Reputation] I've tried Sea Cube's sweets. Baked Tiramisu, Cheesecake, Cupcakes|Baked sweets are good for small gifts.

Do you know a confectionery shop called C3 C-Cube? They are often found in the sweets section of department stores, and their tiramisu in a cup and baked tiramisu are very popular. I went to the Ikebukuro Seibu store the other day and tried their popular baked tiramisu and...