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Natural Lawson] Iwaizumi Farm's Luxury Sponge Cake! Taste & Review

The other day, I went to Natural Lawson and bought some Iwaizumi Farm's Luxury Sponge Cake. I had a sudden craving for something sweet, and I just had to try it... lol So I would like to report my impression of the taste. I would like to report on the taste of Iwaizumi Farm's Luxury Sponge Cake! ...
Snacks, sweets and ices

Review] I tried Fukusakubu of Fukusunaya Castella. Report on expiration date, calories and taste.

I purchased FUKUSAYA CUBE from Fukusaya, a famous sponge cake maker. It is a small sponge cake containing only two slices, perfect for yourself or as a small gift... I will report on the taste, ingredients, calories, etc. ^^^ What is FUKUSAYA CUBE? (What are FUKUSAYA CUBES?
Snacks, sweets and ices

Imuraya doesn't just make azuki bars! The sponge cake was also delicious [Taste].

Imuraya is all about the azuki bar! But they also make delicious sponge cakes! Recently, you can often find them in convenience stores. But I had never had an Imuraya sponge cake before. So I bought some and tried them.