Prepared foods, canned and dried foods, seasonings

Impressions] I took out Java Curry from Royal Host. What is this? It's super tasty.

Royal Host's Java Curry is a hot topic on the Internet and SNS. This was the first time I tried it as a takeout. The conclusion was that it was so delicious that I wondered why I had never tried it before.
Western-style restaurant/cafe

Review] I went to San Marco Tobu Ikebukuro near Ikebukuro station for authentic curry.

I went to San Marco, an authentic curry restaurant in Tobu Ikebukuro directly connected to Ikebukuro station....
Prepared foods, canned and dried foods, seasonings

My Size] Comparing the 100 calorie retort series. Taste what they taste like and how to eat low calorie!

Have you heard of the 100 calorie retort food series? As the name suggests, these retort pouch foods are 100 calories, but they are delicious and inexpensive, so they are very popular. This time I would like to share with you my 100 calorie...
Prepared foods, canned and dried foods, seasonings

Comparison of tasty retort curries available on the market [medium-hot].

Retort pouch curries are becoming more and more delicious these days. I have always loved hashed rice, but recently I have had more and more opportunities to eat curry, and I am hooked! I'd like to introduce some of the retort pouch curries that I've eaten so far.
Prepared foods, canned and dried foods, seasonings

Delicious Indian Curry Takeout at Sitarra Deli! Buy a set of 3 kinds of curry to choose from.

Today, a friend and I wandered around Kichijoji. While wondering what to do for dinner, we came across a curry delicatessen that looked delicious. I had never had Indian curry take-out before, and I was in the mood for curry (lol), so I bought some... ^ ^ Sitaraderia...