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Kamakura Souvenir] Shonan Shirasu Nori is super delicious and I think you will be pleased if I give it to you [Shirasu].

Shonan Shirasu Nori is so delicious that I would like to introduce it to you. I received it as a souvenir from Kamakura, and it is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good. In a word, it's just nori seaweed in a pouch to go with rice. I can't taste the shirasu...
Prepared foods, canned and dried foods, seasonings

Tanaka Additive-Free Furikake is Delicious~! Review of Small Fish and Bonito Flavor [Review].

I just bought Tanaka's additive-free furikake at the supermarket! Additive-free furikake is very rare to find in stores. When I looked closely, I saw Tanaka's symbolic face and thought, "Oh, that's the blue furikake" and immediately put it in my basket. It tastes...
Prepared foods, canned and dried foods, seasonings

A recipe using nameko mushrooms! Adding a few extra ingredients can make it taste so much better!

Funghi Mushrooms are popular as an accompaniment to rice. They are extremely tasty, aren't they? Just by combining Nametake mushrooms with certain ingredients, they can be transformed into an even more exquisite taste! This time, we would like to talk about such a nameko mushroom recipe...
Prepared foods, canned and dried foods, seasonings

Eating Soy Sauce "Crunchy Soy Sauce" at the supermarket. Repo of the sales floor where I found it and how it tastes.

I got Kikkoman's "Sakusaku Soy Sauce" that was all over the Internet~! The combination of rice and raw egg on the package looked delicious, so I tried it. Holy crap, the aroma and texture is new! Kikkoman's food...
Prepared foods, canned and dried foods, seasonings

I tried making Nose-nose Butter Soy Sauce, and it's ridiculously good! What kind is it? Where can I buy it?

Have you ever heard of the popular canned "no-see-no-see butter soy sauce" that you can put on top of rice? It is a food that is often featured on TV and is popular for its addictive taste...