Beverages, coffee, water

Review] Bushu Apiary's cold honey beverages are dramatically delicious! It is authentic as only a honey specialty store.

I tried a juice called "honey beverage" at Bushu Apiary, a honey specialty store. As it turns out, it is very tasty. Holy shit, this is a honey specialty store! It tastes great on its own, but I would recommend mixing it with various beverages...
Prepared foods, canned and dried foods, seasonings

Review] "Hana no Dew," honey that dissolves easily in water, is so easy to use! Here's how I recommend using it

The other day, I talked about Bushu Apiaries' Manuka Creamy Honey, and this time, I tried (drank?) a honey called Hana-no-Dew. This time, I tried (drank?) honey called Hana-no-Dew... Unlike most honey, this honey "dissolves easily in water"....
Prepared foods, canned and dried foods, seasonings

If you don't like the taste of Manuka honey, I recommend Manuka Creamy Honey. It's inexpensive, yet tastes great with no peculiar taste.

Manuka honey is said to be good for beauty, health and diet. I have eaten it before, but I thought it had a peculiar taste and was difficult to eat, and above all, I thought it was too expensive for me to afford.... But then I found Manuka honey that blew those worries away....
Snacks, sweets and ices

What's this goodness! Buy Honey Butter Sponge Cake Rusk by mail order [Review]!

Delicious! The honey butter sponge cake rusk from Terra Saison is an excellent rusk with the umami of honey and butter soaked into the rusk, and I ordered it by mail order....