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Impression] "Kinjo no Hana" alkaline natural water from Shimane is easy to drink. Why I purchased this mineral water

I have been drinking a lot of mineral water. Most of them are soft water and all of them are easy to drink, but this time I bought one called "Kinjo no Hana" water. There is a reason why I bought this "Kinjo no Hana" and the story and the drinkability of the water...
Beverages, coffee, water

Victory's Pure Forest is inexpensive yet delicious soft water. The water was easy to drink.

I have been drinking various mineral waters lately, and this time I bought a mineral water called Pure Forest, which was sold at a low price on Rakuten. It is soft water. I would like to tell you what kind of water it is and how easy it is to drink. Victo...
Beverages, coffee, water

Buy 24 bottles of icefield by mail order. My thoughts!

I have been experimenting with various mineral waters. This time, I bought cheap Canadian water, icefield, by mail order! It is said to be natural Canadian glacier water that tastes great at room temperature, but...