Prepared foods, canned and dried foods, seasonings

I've been trying to arrange my puchi with tomato garlic from Cardi's! I love the garlic flavor.

I love Cardio and go there from time to time, and I recently discovered a delicious looking pasta sauceーー! It's Cardio Original Tomato Garlic. I also love garlic, so I was quite I tried it with a little arrangement. I would like to tell you about the arrangement and my impression of it.
Western-style restaurant/cafe

Enjoy pasta lunch at Swan Cafe in Higashi-Ginza. Delicious and cosy!

I went to "Swan Cafe" in Higashi-ginza. ♪ I was very satisfied to enjoy a cosy lunch in a stylish atmosphere. I would like to give you a food report on the restaurant and the taste of the pasta! About Higashi-Ginza Swan Cafe Swan Cafe is located along Higashi-Ginza Showa-dori...
Prepared foods, canned and dried foods, seasonings

My Impressions - Aumai Additive-Free Carbonara & Meat Sauce in action! Report on the ingredients, calories, and taste.

The other day at the supermarket, while picking out pasta sauce, I spotted an additive-free pasta sauce! I had never had additive-free retort foods other than porridge, so I bought it. I would like to report on the ingredients, calories, and taste of the sauce.
Western-style restaurant/cafe

380 yen! I went to Potapasta, a very cheap pasta restaurant in Shibuya - [Review].

We went to Pota Pasta in Shibuya, a restaurant where you can eat authentic pasta at an unbeatable price! The pasta was as delicious and sticky as the reviews said it would be. The restaurant has been featured on TV and is rapidly gaining popularity.