frozen food

My impression of Seijo Ishii's frozen pizza for 399 yen (431 yen including tax). Juicy on the gas grill & grill pan|Cosy!

I went to Seijo Ishii and bought some Seijo Ishii wood-fired pizza (frozen pizza) that looked so good! Seijo Ishii has three types of this wood-fired stone oven pizza, but this time I bought ORTOLANA 3 kinds of Italian vegetables and MA...
Western-style restaurant/cafe

Take-out half-and-half pizza at Omotesando Pinsa de Roma. Here's a repo of how crowded it was and how it tasted!

I went to a new type of pizza restaurant in Omotesando called Pinsa de Roma! It's a pizza that's healthy and has been featured in the media! I went there the other day and got a half-and-half takeout... ...