Rice balls and omusubi

Prepared foods, canned and dried foods, seasonings

[Blog] Omusubi Gonbei, a shop specializing in rice balls, is delicious. Introducing my recommended menu and ranking.

Gonbei, the delicious onigiri specialist! I sometimes go to W. When I do, I often use a specialty onigiri store called Gonbei. I can easily buy thick and large onigiri. I'll show you the tasty ingredients in ranking form!
Prepared foods, canned and dried foods, seasonings

If you want to eat bedded brown rice easily, we recommend "Iroha" onigiri. They are chewy and delicious.

Brown rice is now attracting a great deal of attention due to the unprecedented health boom. I want to eat it, but it's too much trouble to make it myself. I was thinking that, and then I found a convenient place to eat brown rice! It is called "Iroha. I found a restaurant called "Iroha"...