Snacks, sweets and ices

Tasted Gato Festa Harada's low-calorie rusk [leger], about 22 calories per slice and low in fat!

The "Goutte des Rois Légers" from Gâteau Festa Harada, which is very popular in department stores and by mail order, has 22 calories and 94% fat per slice. The rusk has 22 calories and 94% less fat per slice. The rusk is made with 97% less butter, and I wondered if the taste would be okay with such a reduction. but it was totally delicious.
Snacks, sweets and ices

What's this goodness! Buy Honey Butter Sponge Cake Rusk by mail order [Review]!

Delicious! The honey butter sponge cake rusk from Terra Saison is an excellent rusk with the umami of honey and butter soaked into the rusk, and I ordered it by mail order....