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I added soymilk to Gentry Soup Compota and it became a thick, super-teasty soup! Taste Report

I purchased the corn potage and onion soup from Gentry Soup. The compotage is delicious and thick. I would like to share my impression of the taste and recommend how to drink it ^^^ About Gentry Soup Gentry Soup is a Fuji Foods...
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[My Thoughts] Take out the Soup Stock Hokkaido Frozen Pumpkin Soup! It was thick with the sweetness of the ingredients.

Soup stock soups are delicious, aren't they? I used to go there a little bit for a while, but recently I felt like drinking it again, so I went to the store and took out some frozen soup~~~! I bought some Hokkaido pumpkin soup and would like to report on the taste. ...